the photographer Hello everybody! My name is Nick Carlson. Freelance Photographer, currently residing in Redmond Washington. I specialize in landscape photography of the Pacific Northwest, but also shoot a broad spectrum of other types of photography as well. I have enjoyed taking photographs of places I felt had a certain charm to them, even when I was young. There is so much natural beauty all around us to be taken in. I love to show people, through my perspective, that unique beauty the Pacific Northwest offers. From the sunning coastline, where mountains that rise straight up from the Pacific Ocean coast floor. Inwards to the ancient Hoh rain-forestwith enchanted forests right out of a childs fairy-tale storybook. To the majestic Mt. Rainier. Defining the skyline in all directions. East, to the high gentle rolling wheat mounds of the Eastern Washington Palouse hills. Where fine art and real life come together. With so much more to be captured in between! That next picture maybe just up that hill! Around the next turn or through those woods! Or, maybe across that lake? One more mile down the trail never hurt!

As I always say,

The more you explore the more you capture!


Enjoy the photography!


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